Sunday, October 7


Man, life is crazy, huh? These last couple years it seems like the entire world has hit hard times. I think the key to being happy, even when times are hard is to have balance.  We were talking about this at work (which is where I think up lots of my posts) and I thought I'd share.  We all agreed that the key to being content is knowing where to spend and where to save.  So, where do I spend and where do I save? Its like this:

1. Media:  I like to go to the movies, but for us Netflix is a lot more practical and cheaper.  I LOVE to read, and while Barnes & Noble is a fantastic place, buying a used book or going to the library has its charms.  I love this local place called the Book Knack where you can trade in books.  I trade in stuff I don't want anymore and I get credit toward other used books of my choice.  Its a really awesome system that keeps me with new literature even when I'm short on cash.

2. Cleaning:  I am OBSESSED with keeping my apartment clean and tidy.  Thanks to the wonderfulness that it Pinterest I have found SOOO many short cuts for cleaning.  One of my favorites is to make my own febreeze.  I also boil orange peels and cinnamon to keep the house smelling great.  Soak some peels in a sealed jar of white vinegar for two weeks and you'll have an amazing household cleaner that is safe for your kids or pups. There are lots of ways to save on cleaning products.

3. Mail:  I used to mail all my bills every month.  After a while all that adds up.  Now I've learned to pay just about everything online.  It is so handy to just pull up an app on my phone and pay everything in one spot.  Its also saves me money which is GREAT!

4. Haircuts: I have some friends who spend spend spend on a haircut, but not me.  I spend when it comes to hair products, so my hair is healthy.  As such, I don't have to get trims all the time.  When I do get a trim I go to a great clips and get the ends clipped.  Since I take care of it, I don't have to get drastic cuts and don't need a special stylist. 

5. Coffee: MAN, did this used to be a spend!?! However in the recent past I've discovered a great way to make iced coffee. OF COURSE Martha Stewart (my idol) gave me the ideas.  Starbucks isn't stealing all my cash anymore!!

1. Personal grooming:  When it comes to makeup, shampoo, skincare I am ok with spending.  These products help me stay healthy, put my best foot forward, and feel beautiful so I shell out some cash.  I can't say enough about Sephora and how great their makeup products.  Since I've begun using higher end makeup products my skin has been much healthier. 

2. Pets:  I LOVE my girls!  Bella and Lilly never fail to brighten my day.  Coming home at the end of the day them being so excited makes me so so happy.  Since they are so important to me I spend when it comes to them.  I spent to get pure bred chihuahuas because I wanted to know what I was getting.  I liked knowing that they would stay small and fit in with our lifestyle. I'm ok with paying per month for the vet.  Its comforting to be able to take the girls in any time I need to.  I also buy them food designed for chihuahuas.  Its little just like they are and I like that its small and safer for them.  Of course they are well stocked with toys and treats.  Spending for my babies is NEVER a problem.  

3. Fruit and veggies:  I saw a Dr Oz episode about pesticides.  With soft skinned fruits (think peaches or blueberries)  pesticides actually seep INTO the fruit itself.  So washing my fruit isn't helping keep me safe.  As such, I try to buy locally when it comes to veggies so I'm not eating all that gunk!

4. Technology: I am a member of the cult. I buy Apple.  Say what you want, but my Apple products have lasted forever and never let me down!

5. Treats: every once in a while my FAVORITE splurge is a pint of Ben & Jerry's.   Yes, its five bucks, but nobody else has better ice cream.  The boyfriend's favorite is candy, so we'll splurge on a big bag of twizzlers for him or we buy a 12 pack of soda.  Sometimes we just need a sweet treat at the end of the day.

Spending is fun when you know you can save in other places and pay your bill.  Saving is fun when you allow yourself rewards in little ways.  Hope this post got you thinking.  What are some of your favorite thrifty secrets or fun splurges?