Tuesday, November 8


"Sometimes what you wanted isn't what you get, BUT in the end, what you get is SO much better than what you thought you wanted!"

This is so so so true. I thought I knew what I wanted. I prayed and prayed for a relationship to work out and it still fell apart. I was devastated and thought I'd never find anything better. Little did I know, someone better than I could EVER imagine was right around the corner.

We struggled through a long distance relationship for months now, and its FINALLY time for him to come home this week. I can't say enough how much God has blessed me by putting Harrison in my life. I know everyone is tired of hearing about it, but I just can't help saying it again.

Now, I'm so glad for everything I've been through. I was hurt and lonely for a long time, but I can definitely say that it was all worth it to be where I am today. =)

Friday, November 4

Hey strangers!!

I keep promising myself that I'm going to get back to blogging, but as of yet it hasn't happened. Maybe this is the start of that?

Anyway, today will just be a little life update...

Where to start?!

1. I changed my concentration at school. I'm working on a masters of education. My major is counseling and development. Until last week my concentration was clinical mental health counseling. As of today, I'm happy to say that I am now a school counseling student. Needless to say, my professors and classmates were pretty surprised when I announced my decision. I got stuck in a school practicum this semester even though it wasn't my area of choice. I DREADED starting there. Turns out I REALLY liked it. My professor and the school's counselor were so encouraging and helpful. I am a firm believer that God shows us where he wants us to be, and this is one of the most clear instances of that I've ever experienced. I absolutely cannot wait to finish school and start working in a school helping kids!

2. I'm getting pretty domestic. I bought a crock pot which i LOVE. I've made some awesome dinners in it. I NEVER thought I'd like cooking, but I'm getting really good at it. So, feel free to come over for dinner some time! Also, I'm currently decorating for Christmas. Yes, I know its early, but I just couldn't wait any more! I love glitter and sparkles and good holiday smells! I feel like I'm definitely moving into the next stage of my life, and I couldn't be more excited! I'm going to Ikea (with a GIFT CARD!!!) today to hopefully redo my bathroom. SO excited. My little apartment had really become a nice cozy home over the last several months. My life is so busy and stressful... coming home to my little haven is one of my favorite things about life!

3. My BF is moving home in a WEEEEEEEK! I am SO excited that he'll be living here with me all the time! I know some people think its a bad decision... we're too young, its too soon, we need to wait for marriage. I know that living together is what's right for us, and I can't wait for this next step in our relationship. God has blessed me with someone who really cares for me, listens to me, supports me, and makes me laugh. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world that I'll get to have him around every day. Spending time with him and taking care of him makes me happier than anything else. Its impossible to say how blessed my life is thanks to him! <3

4. Just finished the newest Nicholas Sparks novel "The Best of Me." Its FANTASTIC. IF you know me at all, you know I am a Sparks fanatic. I've read everything he has written multiple times. So, when I say this is my favorite of his books, that means something. haha. Definitely check it out! Its a great read... oh, but get a box of tissues!

5. I am SO thankful for my great doctor. I talked a lot with Dr. B about my struggles with anxiety. He has been wonderful with helping me take control of the situation. That combined with some wonderful advice from one of my favorite professors has helped me really begin to get a handle on my stress and anxiety. It consumed a big part of my life for a long time and I finally feel a little relieved. Its not totally under control and I think i have quite a ways to go, but its good to know that things are getting better!

Ok, that's all for now. What's going on with you?