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So, why do I do this? Here's a brief explanation...

I've been writing for as long as I can remember.  Its so therapeutic to me.  Yes, I know that sounds incredibly lame and like something I say only because I am a counselor. Its really not as deep as it sounds though. When some people are stressed they go for a jog. Others do yoga, knit, or draw. My escape is writing.

For a long time I journaled. Then one day I decided that I should have a blog.  For a few years I used the xanga platform (which I'm sure no longer exists) and then blogged for a while on my myspace page. Of course thats LONG in the past, so this is where I blog now. Sometimes I get away from blogging for a bit (life is busy) but I never stop writing, and I always come back to my page eventually.

My little corner of the internet I refer to as The Antisocialite. Here's where that came from... (taken from a post I wrote in January 2011).

"According to the dictionary on my macbook a socialite is:
so·cial·ite (ssh-lt)
One prominent in fashionable society.
So, basically a socialite is someone who makes a point to fit in, be fashionable, and be liked be the world. So, it would follow that an ANTI socialite would be a person who defies fashion and trendiness passively, by just being an individual... the polar opposite of a socialite. This is not to be confused with an antisocial. An antisocialite wouldn't not shun socializing, but rather avoid using it as a lifestyle (as socialites do). Also don't confuse with a nonconformist, who purposely does the opposite of anything they deem to be "in" at a given time as a way to get attention. "

That's who I am. I just try to be me and express that the best I can. I love on people to the best of my ability, and though I screw up a lot I think I'm making a difference in my little area of the world. This blog is where I record some of these adventures for all to read.

I started my page in 2010. I stepped away from it for a long time and have recently decided that its time to start sharing my life again. I can't say for how long I'll be back to blogging, or how long it will last. Even so, for now I know that the lord has led me back to this platform, so I'll be here until he directs my heart somewhere else.

You'll read about a variety of the most important things in my life when you stop by here. I love media and pop culture. I'm a therapist and have a masters degree and hope to pursue a Phd in the coming years.  I'm totally a dork for all things educational and counseling oriented. I'm plus sized, and passionate about acceptance for people of all shapes and sizes. I am a spiritual person, struggling to work out what faith looks like to me personally. I'm in a community with other Christ followers at Elevation Church and its such a blessing to me. I'm a sister, daughter, friend, wife and mom (to my doggies). All of this comes into play on my page. Hope you can find something to relate to!


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