Tuesday, November 30


I said a few weeks ago that I try to avoid writing about my faith. I just feel like I'm not a preacher, so it makes me uncomfortable. Who am I to speak with authority? And somehow, since that post faith is pretty much all I've written about. Funny how God does stuff like that, huh? I'm working on a writing a blog that I've really been thinking about for a while now. Its some pretty heavy stuff... this is NOT that blog.

The following are a list of a few things I love: creativity, music, Elevation, musicians, Glee, spoofs, worshipping God through having fun, the ability to laugh at one's self, The Beatles.

The following bit of media goodness combines all these elements for your viewing enjoyment... all credit belongs to the immensely talented individuals on the creative team at Elevation. Ok. After I wrote that I couldn't get it to work properly... so go to the following address and check out the video! Its super funny!


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