Monday, March 21

Fun Friday #2!

Yes, I realize that its Monday.I intended to make a fun post on Friday, but we had friends in from out of town and LOTS of stuff going on. As such, I'm just now getting around to my 'fun' post. Anyway, what I really enjoy is when my readers steal my question or topic and answer them on their own blogs.... so copy, paste, and tell me whats going on in your world. You'll be hearing more from me about life this week (whenever I get over this bout of cold), but for now on to fun Friday... I mean Monday. =)

My fun about me post this week was inspired by my wonderful older sister Robin. Upon hearing that I was sickly, she encouraged me to feel better, noting that I couldn't possibly feel too bad when the love of my life, Mr. Justin Timberlake, was newly single. As such, I decided to devote my fun post to filling you in on my life long obsession...

In case you didn't know (though I'm not sure how you might have missed it) I think JT is the PERFECT guy. haha. Laugh, but I'm serious. Here's why.

1. N'sync. I was a DIEHARD fan. Justin and I grew up together. =)
2.He cracks me up on SNL. The Target skits, Omletteville, The Barry Gibb Talk Show, and of course:

3. He was the first guy Ashton Kutcher punked. He got a little teary eyed and called his mom on TV... and yet he was still a good sport. Gotta love a guy who loves his momma and can take a joke.
4. 6 grammys, 2 emmys, and a in a movie that got an oscar nod. Now thats talent.
5. He dated Britney Sears... and I LOVE her.
6. He's freakin hot... come on you KNEW that one was coming!

Exibit A (I was hesitant to use this picture, but DANG):

Exhibit B: (The glasses KILL me. So adorable.)

7. Have you seen this guy dance?! HELLO!

8. He's a southern boy. Gotta love that.
9. He has a freakin clothing line!! What woman could resist that?!
10. and OF COURSE, saved the best for last... the voice! Just take a listen to this...

So, who is your celebrity crush? Everyone has one, and I think it says a lot about a person. So, leave a comment and tell me yours! =)


  1. I loved this! I was reminded of all the reasons to love him too! Hello...The Barry Gibb Talk Show!

    You know my celeb crushes...
    1. Jason Mraz... I am sad that he is now engaged.
    2. John Cusack... My celeb "old enough to be my dad" crush
    3. Jimmy Fallon... My funny celeb crush

  2. Barry Gibb talk show = JT AND Jimmy Fallon. Hence, perfection. And I forgot that you love John Cusack. He's in High Fidelity with my funny crush, JACK BLACK! Bahahaha.

  3. Also, we like a lot of people whose names start with J?!