Monday, May 2


I read this today and I thought it was something all my single girl friends could relate to.

"My Every Day Single Girl Prayer"
by Evelyn Worthington

Lord you know my heart, you know every part of me,
Help me to live this life, please fulfill this need.
I have this longing Lord, and you know what I mean,
I'm just praying you'll fill it up, so I can be freed.
Lord, I want your timing, but lately I'm lonely for only you know who.
That longing, that desire, that missing someone, who knows? only you!
So Lord, I pray he's out there, help me be patient and strong,
Help me to not struggle with this, and help me not to long,
Teach him what he needs to know, help me, Lord, depend on thee.
Help me not to be conceited, and not to depend on me.
Help me to be wise and lead me in your ways.
Help me to trust in only you and follow you all my days.
Some days are harder than others, but today I feel so alone.
Help me to find my strength in you, and in you to find my home.
If he's not out there, then Lord, my prayer's the same.
Lead me, guide me, help me to feel your love, and trust in Jesus' name.
God I come to you as your child, lead me, make me like you.
Teach me your holy ways O Lord and make me wholly devoted to you.

On another note... I'm thankful today for my friends Cristina and Rachel who both took the time to ask me how I was doing, and truly listened when I told them. You ladies are wonderful, and I'm glad God blessed me with you.

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