Monday, June 20

My pad.

So, my lovely friend April is always telling me that I need to spice up my blog with pictures. I'm more fond or writing, but I figured I'd give the picture thing a go at some point. I just never have anything to add pictures of. Anyway, I just moved into my own apartment for the first time, and although I miss my Cheyanne/little one/April (all that's a long story) it was SUPER fun to decorate my new place in all my own style. As such, I thought that now since I'm pretty much done I'd post some pictures of my favorite aspects of the new place. =)


King size bed with a quilt made by my mom... oh and my favorite Ramones pillow case =)

70s furniture from Salvation Army that I'm in LOVE with.

Bought these at a yard sale. Painted them black... they got wet in the rain and it added a cool vintage look. Plus, it makes a GREAT place to hang up all my big necklaces... got the beads at a yard sale too!

Candlesticks were a gift from April. I <3 them!

Marilyn. A gift from Ashley!


Used to be a light fixture. Bought it at a thrift store and hung it up as a candle holder... candles to be added soon.

Shower curtain. I picked the fabric. Mom sewed it. We're a good team.

Broke the handle, so I couldn't drink from the mug anymore. Couldn't throw it out, so a Beatles mug to hold all my Urban Decay goodies. Whaaaat could be better?!


Bought this hanging fruit basket at a yard sale too. I LOVE it because it reminds me of the one my Nanny had when I was a kid.

Dining room curtains. Again I picked the fabric and Mom sewed them.

Cookbooks. And my alternative to a junk drawer. 10 cents well spent at Value Village. I like the nostalgia. Reminds me of being a kid. Unfortunately I can't get the picture to turn the right way!

My kitchen table is pretty much a study station. Robin got me this cute mug and I just had to find a better use than sitting in the cupboard waiting for some coffee.

Living room:

An overview.

Marilyn coasters.

Records! I credit Rayen with starting my love for vinyl.

Vintage lamp that Jon found me at a thrift store. One of my favorite parts of my apartment!

A Hard Day's night. I LOVE John's picture making the glasses!

Abbey Road & People for Peace. Obviously, I have a Beatles theme going on here.

Coffee table reading = Beatles & Elvis. <3 My FAVORITES. Probably should have been born in the 60s.

I fell in love with this hip native american style rug at a yard sale and got it for only 15 dollars!

Spray painted these frames I got from thrift stores and added them empty to the wall after I saw this idea on a design blog.]]

Ok, so there's a little overview of my 60s/70s inspired pad. I'll likely add some more later. Let me know if you like it and I'll invite you over to listen to a record and have some coffee.

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