Wednesday, June 29


Well, I've had an odd week so far. I sprained my ankle Saturday night at work. Even so, I'm thankful for people and things in my life that have gone well...

1. My coworkers on my floor were SO sweet when I hurt my foot. Roxxie wrapped it up for me (which saved me from absolutely dying from the pain!) and the rest of the third shift staff really picked up the slack when I couldn't do everything I normally do. Ms. Orr even switched schedules with me so I'd have a night off to rest and recover. I was SOO grateful for a little time to rest.

2. My wonderful step dad Jon came all the way to my house and picked up my laundry. Then he and my mom washed, dried, and folded it and he brought it back all nice and clean. I was worried about how I'd get that big basket over to my apartment's laundry room, but my family saved the day and took care of everything! I LOVE them!

3. I got an email today from a professor that asked me to call her and discuss an assignment we'd turned in for class. I was SO nervous, but I just went ahead and called her. Turns out that she thought I did a great job! She gave me some great feedback on things I could improve and told me that I was doing well and she was excited about my future with the program. It made my entire week good to hear such encouraging words! I was so excited I had to call my mom and tell her!

4. Harrison's been keeping me company since I'm crippled at the moment. Its nice to have someone to sit around and watch movies, eat Mike & Ike's and such with... even if he does fall asleep halfway through. =)

5. Summer session of grad school is almost over. I can't believe I have survived and even done relatively well. It was a whirlwind experience to say the least! I went out for dinner and drinks after class with everyone last weekend. I'm really excited about learning and becoming a counselor, but I am also really excited about the people I'm spending the next two years with. The other people in my cohort are so nice! Everyone is really smart and they are all so eager to help each other out. I feel really lucky to be sharing this experience with so many amazing new friends.

6. Its been really nice to relax in my apartment over the last few days while I've been hurt. I got new sheets the day before I got hurt... I think that was God's way of making it all a little bit better! I've certainly had time to break them in over the last few days! I am so blessed to have my own little place. Its clean and quite and comfortable. Its so nice to have a place thats such an expression of me. I know that not everyone has such a nice place to come home to, so I am so grateful!

7. If you're reading this then I'm thankful for you too! Thanks for checking in with me! =) Now, leave a comment and tell me whats going on with you!

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