Sunday, July 17


Now that I work third shift I keep a weird schedule. I used to get up in the morning and start my day with coffee. I was a coffee addict for certain. Now though, i wake up in the late afternoon. In July in SC late afternoon is HOOOT. As such, I'm in no mood for heated beverages. So, I started making smoothies! I'm now addicted. I decided to post my favorite of the recipes I've tried. Hopefully you'll think its as good as I do. Its pretty healthy, totally vegetarian of course (well vegan actually), and super easy to make! I prefer frozen raspberries and fresh mangoes. It doesnt really matter as long as something is frozen to make the smoothie cold.

Raspberry Mango Smoothie
1 large serving

1 cup frozen mango chunks
1 fresh peach, pitted, skin on (bananas, apricots, or additional mango also works here)
1 cup almond milk, fresh orange juice, or water (I opt for the OJ personally... or yogurt on occasion)
juice of 1 lime
dash stevia or agave to taste
1 cup ice
generous handful of fresh raspberries

Blend everything except the raspberries until completely smooth, adjusting the sweetness as you like. Toss in raspberries, and briefly pulse until the berries are just broken up, but the individual seeds remain whole (the smoothie should still be peach-colored, not pink).

Drink, hunched over a computer at the office while typing furiously, or in class trying to stay awake and listen to ANOTHER presentation!

If you've got good recipes you should definitely blog them and send THIS girl a link!

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