Sunday, October 10


Sometimes I want to write a blog, but I don't really know what to write about. I am not really under the impression that anyone reads my blogs, but I for some reason worry about it when I haven't written in a while. Its strange, I know. I suppose I don't want to disappoint the attentive two person audience... such a people pleaser. ugh. I'm not sure why I start out by saying that, because I actually have something to write about today.

Yesterday while I was at work I was talking to a coworker, Mr.Mac. Mac works part time at NHC and is a teacher and coach the rest of the time. We started talking about high school and he pointed out to me that its basically 3 years until my ten year reunion. He told me to fix anything I needed to fix now before I had to see those people again. hahaha

Now I don't care at all about impressing people from high school, and I probably won't even go to that reunion anyway. So, why am I writing all this then? Well, that conversation with Mr. Mac got me thinking about things that I want to do... so here's my list of thirty things I want to do before I am thirty....

1. Get my picture taken on the zebra walk at Abbey Road.
2. finish my masters degree
3. write a book of some sort
4. new years eve in times square
5. take a surfing lesson
6. learn to say 'i love you' in 50 languages
7. learn to play a song on a musical instrument (any will do)
8. take a dancing class
9. take a trip by train
10. go scuba diving.
11. drive across the country.
12. visit the Grand Canyon.
13. see the Sydney Opera house in Australia
14. go to the Smithsonian (I feel like I should have done this already)
15. Mardi Gras
16. learn to play chess.
17. become a wine connoisseur
18. read ever book that won the Pulitzer prize for fiction
19. watch all of AFI's 100 funniest movies
20. be able to donate an entire paycheck to charity
21. Meet Justin Timberlake! =)
22. get over my fear of needles and donate blood
23. own my own home.
24. have an article/research published in a psychological journal.
25. pay off student loans.
26. understand anything about my finances
27. POSSIBLY get married... (we will see about that one)
28. spend a year as a vegetarian
29. build an impressive record collection
30. watch the Braves win a world series.

OK. thats the list for now... if you know anything I should add then let me know =)

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