Saturday, October 2


I forgot to mention that I turned 25 this week! It was the most lovely birthday I've ever had.

A few nights before my birthday I went out to sushi with April and Rachel. ENSO = best sushi ever. period. life changing!

I got some new rainbows from the 'rents... which as you know are the BEST flip flops in the universe... and when it was the right weather this week for rainbows + my North Face jacket it was seriously bliss.

Leesa sent me an adorable scarf from Raleigh and Robin got me some John Derian coffee mugs for the gallons of coffee I consume each week... they are wonderful sisters.

April got me an AWEOME wine glass etched with SC palmetto tree and crescent moon. ADORABLE.

Ms. P (my favorite coworker) took me to lunch at the Zebra at Southpark. GO THERE. It was INCREDIBLE. I had the most adorable birthday cake EVER. She also got me a HUGE framed John Lennon print. No need to express how I feel about anything with JL.

I had family dinner at a habachi grill. The chef made me help him cook. He was hilarious. Even made my rice into a heart. haha. My niece and nephew Hudson and Ellie sang me happy birthday. Pop got me roses.

Ended the say with a glass of wine, birthday cake, my girlfriends, and Britney Spears on Glee.

All in all a perfect day!

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