Saturday, October 2


I'm the worst blogger ever.
Lots of stuff has taken my attention away from my blog.

I am trying to get a master's degree. That may take a million years, but one day I'll be a therapist. I work first shift at NHC, but somehow I tend to find myself there quite frequently on second shift.

My wonderful roommate April and I have been having lots of quality time... which I love. Our other girlfriend Rachel has been rounding our our trio lately. We got cable after a year and a half without it, so there was LOTS of Jersey Shore to catch up on... ok I'm kidding about Jersey Shore (maybe. haha)

And lastly, and probably most significantly, I'm single now. After a year and a half of what I now know was a TOTALLY one sided relationship I'm back on the market... and being single is hard work. I was with D for so long, that I don't really even know what I'm supposed to do anymore. I will say that the on again and off again drama that I went through taught me lots and lots about what I want in a man. The list is lengthy, but flexible and I think thats a good thing.

The thing on my mind at present though is the idea of a guy who is older than me.. April says I need to ditch the younger boys and I think maybe she might be right. I guess a 21 year old and a 25 year old can be a lot farther apart than just the 4 actual years... According to that whole half your age plus 2 thing I could date someone who's 38 and thats ok.... hmmmm. Something to think about I guess.

More blogging later. I've been watching 48 hours murder mysteries... I think I need to go lock my door...

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