Tuesday, October 26

I'm lovin' it.

So... I do you ever wonder what your likes & dislikes, hobbies, interests, etc. say about you?

I was just thinkin' about this because a few things made me smile a lot today.

1. I FINALLY got cowboy boots... meaning my Halloween costume is FINISHED! WOO. Time for fun with friends this weekend.
2. I got the new Taylor Swift CD... I just wanna drive around and sing along all day. Its quite a fun record.
3. Basically all I've eaten for the last 3 days is PB&J. I forgot how dang good those things are!

So, do these 'likes' mean I'm actually a 12 year old girl? Think it just means that I'm doing a good job taking pleasure in the small things in life. The more I live the more I see that diamonds, cars, houses etc aren't nearly as satisfying as good friends, good music, good times...

What little things make you smile? I'd love to know so I can enjoy them too...

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