Tuesday, November 9


I am indecisive. I readily admit that. So when it comes to making normal choices... [What should I wear to work today? Where would I like to go for dinner? Which redbox movie should we see tonight?] I tend to struggle more than your average person. In fact, this is so true that when I read Libras (my sign) are known for their indecisiveness I momentarily wondered if there might be some validity to this astrology thing... ok, I'm kidding about that but you get the idea...

So then, what do I do when faced with a choice that even those not plagued with my decision making issues would struggle to reconcile? GOOOOD question. My biggest struggle comes in when I have to decide between two things that I feel are both good. For whatever reason I get a little obsessive over figuring out which thing is BEST. Ever have one of those decisions where the options are both good but for very different reasons? Is it always better to make the more practical choice? When you have a MUCH more feasible option at your fingertips, is it ok to ask God to work out the long shot... just because thats the one you really want... the one you think is really right? Is it selfish to hold out?

Just something I've been thinking about today...

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