Monday, November 8


Sometimes I want to blog and I have nothing to say... but I feel the urge to write, to be creative. Today, I suppose is the opposite of that. I have approximately 47 million thoughts in my head. I'd like to put them all into one well executed blog, however I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that's not possible. I AM quite eloquent, but... anyway, I suppose I'll give it a go at talking about some of whats been going on...

I'll start off with the lighter stuff.

The vegetarian thing is going along swimmingly. As it turns out, I don't really miss meat at all. Also, I don't really like the 'meatless meat' all too much. I kinda feel like thats cheating. I'm getting along just fine with only the veggies. I feel a lot better day to day, and my pants are already looser, which I didn't aim for, but certainly won't complain about.

So... had a chat with a friend today. Talked about a past relationship that I'd been in with a mutual friend of ours. When it ended I talked with this same friend (who has always been amazingly supportive) and I remember bawling my eyes out and telling him how I couldn't imagine ever living without this guy... how I felt SO bad that things were ending, even though the relationship was making me miserable... how I just knew that if I stuck by him long enough I could change him into what I knew he had the potential to be. Long story short, it turns out that I jumped that ship not a moment too soon... sometimes you really have to thank God for not answering prayers. I am so so grateful that he knows whats best for me better than I do!

Speaking of God...

I don't really ever post thoughts about religion. There are tons of reasons why. Firstly, I'm certainly no theologian. Meaning there's a good chance that I'll say something that makes no sense to anyone but me. Secondly, I am by no means the best follower of Jesus out there... so who am I to say what's what, right??

That being said, I've been reading Pastor Steven's book. For those of you who don't attend Elevation (everyone who reads my blog, save April) that would be "Sun Stand Still" by Steven Furtick. So far every page of the book has provided inspiration, challenges, and encouragement. Its amazing that someone can write words that are so biblically sound, and yet so colloquial... sound so authoritative about the things of God and yet still be so conversational and casual. I'm not sure why I expected anything less, as this style of holiness and hospitality so to speak is what really drew me to Elevation in the first place. I really want to comment on what I've learned from the book. but I feel like I should wait until I am done and reflect on the work as a whole. I'll say this... I'm reflecting on my faith in a way that I've not done in a long time, and its a WONDERFUL feeling.

I'll leave you with some quotes from the book that have stuck with me thus far... (quoting Mr. Furtick here of course)

"God has to work IN us before he can work THROUGH us."
"Its not wrong to feel fear. Its wrong to let fear have the last word in your life."
"When you get down to it you're not the one holding onto him... he's holding onto you."
"But that stuff [miracles, influence, answered prayer] won't be genuine, and certainly can't be sustained if it isn't cultivated out of a heart that has been formed by the spirit of God."

more to come on this soon... I'm of to read the rest of that book. =)

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  1. I love you, Steph.. I'm glad for you, too. You're a good, good lady. I can't wait to hear how the rest of the/your story goes.