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I signed into blogger with the intention of expounding on my New Year's blog. Before I write though, I always read new blogs that were posted by those I follow. After reading a very powerful post today from Carlos Whittaker, I decided to repost his words instead of what I'd originally intended. I'll get back to that eventually.... but this post spoke to me so strongly that I HAD to share it. Hope you find it as inspirational as I did. FYI LosWhit's words follow. (I can't take credit... this is WAY too good!)

"It is relatively new. To a degree.
I mean the stained glass windows of the churches of yesterday were created by amazing artists and, I’m sure, in somewhat of a hope that it will allure people to worship their God more intensely.
But I’m not sure that people came to a church service in order to stare at the windows for an hour.
Somewhere in the last 20 years a slew of churches have grabbed a hold of a new “outreach” strategy.
If we build it they will come.
So we create attractional services to attract people to see God for the first time.
But I can’t help but imagine what would happen if we took the “attractional service” budgets and began to dump them into the “attractional Christ follower” budget.
I think some HD projectors might disappear.
I think some subs might disappear.
But in the end I think that having 200 “humans” outside the walls of a church building who are more attractional than any programmed hour could provide literally multiplies your efforts 200 fold.
Or am I crazy?
I’ll answer that.
I am.
But Islam is not the fastest growing religion in America because of their services.
It is because of it’s followers.
We Have To Stop Thinking That Our Sunday Services Will Reach America.
They will reach part of America.
A very small part.
And the rest of America will be reached by the Christ followers we build in our churches.

I think it’s important to stare these concepts straight in the face."

Wanna read more from Carlos Whittaker? Check out www.ragamuffinsoul.com
Seriously, if you aren't following this guy, then you're missing out!!

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