Tuesday, May 3

Fried Pickles.

Good afternoon everyone. Its Tuesday... which means new music. =)

As such, I thought I'd take a minute and shout out one of my favorite singers (and a GREAT real life friend) Rayen Belchere. I fell in love with Rayen's acoustic southern rock tunes a few years back when I saw him open for one of my favorite artists, Corey Smith. So, why did I instantly take a liking to Rayen's music? Simple. He's got something for every mood. Feeling in love? In the mood for a drink? Sad after a breakup? He's got a song for that.

Anyway, these days Rayen is releasing music under the name Early Ray. His new stuff is fantastic. So, take a listen to this track from his latest release, Highway to Jail.

Ok, so now that you've fallen in love, go to iTunes and get this record.

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