Tuesday, August 23


Some great things have been happening over the last few days...

1. Everything is squared away with school! YAAY! I start classes tomorrow!

2. elevation RH got approved for Northwestern high school. PTL!

3. I've met tons of new people volunteering on the Elevation RH launch team! They are AWESOME!

4. I got my student loan refund. It put me in really good shape on my bills. Its nice to not feel pressured for a change.

5. I got an iPhone today. Its incredible. I LOVE it. If you wanna text me, same number.

6. I have worked a TON of days in a row, and finally I will have a three day weekend this week! Can't WAIT for Friday!

7. This weekend I get to go to the beach and see Harrison! I've been super lonely since he moved away, so I am thrilled to go and see him FINALLY! I cannot wait to spend the weekend with my favorite guy! PLUS I haven't been to the beach all summer!! I am beyond excited!

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