Thursday, October 31


As most who know me are aware I'm not a big fan of children.  As such, holidays aren't my favorite since they center around kids and cause them to be overly annoying. Anyway, while I work hard to avoid the droves of masked, sticky fingered little monsters running around my neighborhood I thought I'd switch things up on my blog and have a holiday themed post.  And now, in honor of halloween I present a list (I love lists!) Of my all time favorite Halloween themed TV (I love tv too!) episodes! Enjoy!

5. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia "Who got Dee pregnant?"

A classic whodunit... Differing points of view... Sweet Dee knocked up... a live ostrich.  Whats not to love???

4. Supernatural "Its a Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester"

Its Supernatural, so obviously they know how to do scary.  Add in Sam being brilliant and Dean kicking ass and it had to be a favorite!

3. The Big Bang Theory "The Middle Earth Paradigm"

Ok, she's drunk.  Still, its Leonard and Penny's first kiss... an awesome moment!

2. How I Met Your Mother "Slutty Pumpkin"

Everyone spent seasons wondering who the slutty pumpkin was... brilliant.  Having the slutty pumpkin turn out to be Katie Holmes... even better!

1. Friends "The One With the Halloween Party"

"No... SPACE doody!" Best show ever, so obviously it had to be my number one choice!

Ok, Comment and tell me your favorite halloween episodes! Happy Halloween!


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