Monday, December 2

mini update

I mentioned that I blog to some colleagues today... as such I thought I should update it at least once before I give them the address.  Christmas break starts after classes tomorrow though, so hopefully I will have time to go more in depth (and maybe redo my formatting too! YAY!)

Anyway, a few times over the last couple of weeks I've talked about art with people around me.  As I've mentioned before in blog posts I am a huge fan of art journaling.  I'm hoping to make a tutorial post over break about how/what I do and why I find it to be therapeutic.  If anyone in my small but steady stream of readers has questions or suggestions or thoughts about scrapbooking/art journaling I'd move to hear them. Comment them or email me!

This is a picture of my bulletin board in the office area at my apartment.  I've been doing a lot of art based on lyrics lately.  I think its really fun to interpret my favorite songs on a piece of paper.  It helps me hear the metaphors in a song in a new way. As you can see these (which are mostly works in progress) are from Beatles songs.  So if you have a suggestion for great lyrics definitely leave them for me.

I've also gotten really into taking regular drawings and copying them and adding to them.  I like taking sketches from nature and adding some comic book kinds of doodles to them.  I think the juxtaposition between a natural element (plants, waterfalls, feathers) and words or really modern looking doodles (chevron, paisley, polka dots) together.  I feel like these kinds of pictures represent my personality really well. Plus I can put something I'm good at (the doodle and designs part) into an already drawn natural sketch.  Thats really fun.

Ok.  Done with my mini update.  Hopfully there will be lots during December!


  1. I love your writing but I want to click them all; interesting funny and thought provoking! Please tell me I can have it all!?

  2. That just makes my day! I'm HONORED that you'd take the time to check out my little corner of the internet! :)