Friday, December 13

down time!

Hello lovelies! As you know, its christmas break for all of us in higher education.  As such I have had time to do some fun things (and study for the NCE... blah).  Anyway, I just wanted to share something I'd been working on.  I made a cute photo edit from some pictures that were on my macbook.  I wanted to delete them, but I wanted to use them for something first.  Anyway, I made a little collage with these pictures of my favorite things.  I am using it for the background on my iPad, macbook, and the header on my Facebook page (if it will fit... haven't tried yet.  I like doing creative kinda things on the rare occasion that I have free time! Its so nice to have a little r&r before my last semester as a graduate student.  Anyway, I included my collage below.

Oh, and since I have some time on my hands, if anyone wants a header I'd be happy to make you one.  You can either send me the pics, or a list/idea of what you want on it :)


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